Lorenzetti Duo Shower Electronic

KSh 14,500

02 types of shower streams from only one device.

A unique, smart and effective option.

A shower of technology & design. A blend of flowing lines with ultra-thin spreader and high technology make the Duo Shower a unique and unforgettable shower.

Shower with large spreader, meaning water for the whole body, or shower with steerable and stronger concentrated stream, for that relaxing shower. Be sure to try this new shower sensation.

Instant Water Heaters in Kenya are a great way to quickly get hot water without having to wait for a traditional water heater to warm up. This type of water heater is also more energy efficient and can help reduce your electricity bills. Instant Water Heaters work by heating the water as it passes through the heating element, so it is ready to use instantly.


Electronic temperature control
Allows the gradual and precise temperature selection.

Change in temperature is within arms reach
30cm Prolonging temperature control rod for easy access.

Bult-in Pressurizer
True pumping technology to increase the water flow and pressure.

Device for the tilt regulation


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