Alpha S-200EP With Pump & Rain Shower

KSh 49,000

There are some situations or location where the water flow is insufficient to even activate the shower. But with an Alpha, you’ll never have to worry about this. The special pump activator will boost up the water flow to activate the flow switch. So with a press of a button, you’ll be able to enjoy what your neighbors won’t –  a nice, hot, invigorating shower

  1. AC Booster Pump – Increases the water flow rate to give you a strong jet of water every time
  2. LSD (Earth Leakage Sensing Device) – Cuts off electric supply in the event of any current leakage.
  3. Splash-Proof IP25 Standard – Protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism
  4. Electronic Stepless Temperature Control – Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference
  5. Flow Switch System – Minimum operating water flow of 3 litres / minute
  6. Thermal Cut-Out – Prevents scalding.
  7. With Rain Shower and telephone shower



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