High Pressure Solar Waters 150 lts

KSh 150,000

Typically characterized by an enclosed heating unit containing copper tubes connected indirectly to a tank. The tank may be located next to heating unit or separately such as under the roof. The high-pressure Direct Pressure Solar Water Heating System features evacuated tubes and heat pipes. The evacuated tube absorbs solar energy and converts it into heat energy, this energy is then used in the process of heating water. There is no direct connection between the heating fluids in the copper tubes and the water being heated.


  • The main advantage is that the water pressure can be very high.
  • Works well with water pumps that have been installed
  • There does not have to be an ‘unsightly’ solar heater water tank on the roof.
  • They can sometimes be retrofitted to use existing storage tanks.
  • The tank or collectors can be located in more accessible or appropriate locations.
  • More robust than low pressure systems


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