Media Instant Shower

KSh 35,000

  •  Stepless Electronic Pump Control
  • Built-in ELCB
  • Overheat Protection
  • 2.5Kw //3.8kW Power Output
  • Ag+ Antibacterial
  • Grounding Fault Indicator
  • Japan JST Connector
  • Built-in Auto Flow Sensor
  • Copper Heating Element
  • Splash- proof IP25 Standard
  • Nylon Glass Fibre
  • Whirl Flow Tech
  • Anti Dry-Heating Protection
  • Low Noise DC Pump
  • Earthing Protection
  • Precise Thermal Cut-out
  • Double Relay


Water heaters from Midea need to get more praises for how great their shower quality is. It is one of the most affordable types of water heater that offers different shower sprays for a totally relaxing shower experience. Some shower spray types to choose from are: soothe, jumbo, and massage. It achieves all this while keeping the shower temperature stable.

Midea Instant Shower  has a copper heating element that cannot be corroded. This instant  shower is suitable for  fresh water , borehole water ,rain water ,salty water ,extreme hard water , for the low pressurized water system houses is still convenient .and for the ultra slender profile is a perfect for any space.

Why buy this:

  1. Leak protection allows you to address any problem with your instant water heater right away
  2. Compact size, perfect for smaller bathrooms
  3. It comes with a quiet operating pump
  4. It also has a Whirl Flow technology to protect you from scalding while providing consistently hot water


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