Designing Different Types Of Bathrooms

Designing Different Types Of Bathrooms .Gone are the days when the average Kenyan home had one small bathroom with just the necessary fixtures and flooring. Today, every bedroom has a bathroom attached to it  and are given as much importance as any area of the home with chic interiors, essential elements.

How to design a bathroom in your home can be a challenging task. And we are sure that this guide to designing different types of bathrooms will help you get started.

How To Design A Master Bathroom

Like master bedrooms, the master bathroom is the most spacious of them all. This is where interiors play an essential role. By their nature, they let you play with a wide variety of creative designs, materials and finishes. There are a few essential elements that every bathroom needs, and then there are those special design features that make it a master bathroom stand out from the others.

Below are the key elements on how to design a bathroom:

Different types of bathrooms: check out how to decor a small bathroom or master bathroom

Walls And Flooring Materials For A Master Bathroom

Flooring is most important in how to design a bathroom. Picking the right flooring will complement the aesthetics of your bathroom and take it to the next level. This is one place where the wall and floor can have the same materials, unlike other rooms of your home. For a master bathroom’s flooring and walls, we recommend you to use luxurious high-end tiles like ceramic, glass, slate and vitrified tiles or stones like marbles and granite. These materials can even be used on the walls to give your master bathroom the style and allure it deserves. They are available in a variety of patterns and colours to blend into every style.

Accessories For A Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms have enough space to incorporate more than just the essential elements. Yes, they are called accessories! You can add a bathtub, shower cubicles, vanity units, mirrors to name a few. And if you don’t have to worry about how to design a small bathroom, you can add a jacuzzi too. A jacuzzi will help level up the much-needed style in your master bathroom. These accessories will stand out in your bathroom.  Also, use materials like glass, marble, quartz and glass tiles to give your bathroom a more stunning appeal. Marble and quartz can be used for the countertop if you are planning to add a vanity. Frosted or tinted glass is good for shower cubicles. These materials are glossy and shiny making them perfect for a master bathroom.Designing Different Types Of Bathrooms

Fixtures For A Master Bathroom

Fixtures and hardware are equally important in any bathroom. It’s the tiny details that can change the overall look of a space. So in an otherwise luxurious bathroom setup, stainless steel or plastic fixtures are a wrong pick. We recommend you to use copper and gold plated fixtures to match the overall style and interiors of a master bathroom.

Decor For A Master Bathroom

Bathrooms are the last place we think of adding decor into. However, how to decor a small bathroom plays a vital role in completing the look of the bathroom. You can take cues from this stylish bathroom design and bring in a plant wall, wall paintings, or even potted plants to add a touch of freshness to your space.

Lighting For Master Bathrooms

Lighting plays a vital role in making your bathroom look luxurious and expensive. Besides, if your bathroom isn’t big enough, the right lighting will bounce off the mirrors and make the space look spacious. Good lighting also highlights all the design details in your bathroom and will make it stand out. For how to design a bathroom, you can include spotlights, back mirror lights, and strip lights that are soft on the eyes yet fulfil the purpose.

How To Design A Kids Bathroom

The most important thing to keep in mind while designing a kids’ bathroom is to ensure that it’s both fun and functional!  Just like a kids’ bedroom, bathrooms are small and most likely to get messy. Hence, it’s essential to design kids’ bathrooms carefully.Designing Different Types Of Bathrooms

Kids’ bathroom is another type of bathroom

Walls And Flooring Materials For Kids’ Bathrooms

Unlike master bathrooms, flooring and walls of kids’ bathrooms need to factor in more than just style. They need to be a safe zone to prevent accidents. So, anti-slip tiles are an ideal pick for flooring, especially if your kids are young and love to splash! They are available in a variety of patterns and colours. Do pick one that matches your kids’ bedroom interiors. Trust us, it is not a difficult task.

Accessories For Kids Bathrooms

Kids’ bathrooms don’t require fancy accessories and this is purely for two reasons. First, the end-user of the space doesn’t fancy the idea of having high-end accessories. Second, kids’ bathrooms are typically smaller in size and cannot incorporate bulky accessories. We recommend how to design a small bathroom using a simple vanity under the sink with basic shutters. Ensure the edges are not pointy and there are no sharp handles or  knobs to make it kids’ friendly.

Fixtures For Kids Bathroom

Considering kids’ bathrooms don’t need fancy interiors you can opt for standard stainless steel or plastic fixtures. If you have a specific colour scheme in your bathroom, opt for plastic fixtures as they are available in different colours which makes it easier for you to choose from.

Decor For Kids Bathroom

A kids’ bathroom is supposed to be fun and exciting. Designing this space with playful decor will only increase the element of fun. Add shower curtains with baby or animal prints and display bath toys. You can also give the bathroom a specific theme and paint the walls with small hints or motifs of the same.  

Lighting For Kids Bathroom

The idea is to have a well lit and bright bathroom for your kids so that they don’t trip and fall. We suggest adding wall lamps, spotlights and back mirror lights. These lights are not too harsh to the eyes, making it perfect for a kids’ bathroom. You can further add motion sensor lights to make this zone safe for your kids at night. They also work if your kids are too short to reach the switches.

How To Design A Guest Or Common Bathroom

Typically, when you search for how to design your bathroom, the focus is primarily on master bathrooms. While it can serve as your escape, it’s not the only bathroom that deserves attention. Well-thought-out common or guest bathrooms will speak volumes about your design choices. Below are key elements to designing a guest or a common bathroom.Designing Different Types Of Bathrooms

How to design a guest bathroom or common bathroom

Walls And Flooring Materials For Common Or Guest Bathrooms

People of all age groups use common or guest bathrooms. This means using safe, durable and easy to maintain materials is the way to go. One of the best materials for such bathrooms are anti-slip vitrified tiles. They are commonly used in outdoor pools, on bathroom floors and walls. These tiles are extremely resistant to blemishes, scratches and stains. They hold their lustre for a long time. Besides they are easy to maintain and don’t require frequent maintenance making them an ideal choice for guests or common bathrooms. The same tiles can go on the walls to complete the look. These tiles are available in a wide range of prices, patterns and colours to match every budget and taste.

Accessories For Common Or Guest Bathrooms

The good thing about the common area or guest bathrooms is that they do not have to match with your overall decor and designs. You can incorporate a completely different style with essential accessories like a showerhead, vanity with basic shutters or drawers. You can also add a shower cubicle if you have guests over to stay frequently or this bathroom is used by your family as well. 

Fixtures For Common Or Guest Bathrooms

This type of bathroom is usually smaller in size and seldom used. Hence, using expensive and luxurious copper or gold fixtures like in master bathrooms is not a wise choice. Basic stainless steel, plastic or metal fixtures like towel rods, napkin holders and showerhead will serve the purpose just fine.

Decor For Common Or Guest Bathrooms

Even though accessories and interior design of this type of bathroom type is basic you still want to make it look inviting. A guest bathroom must leave a good impression on its users and perfect decor will help you do just that. Add potted plants, plant walls, aroma diffusers, tiny showpieces and soft towels to make it functional and pretty.

Lighting For Common Or Guest Bathrooms

Create a well-lit space using soft lights like spotlights, back mirror lights, wall lamps. If you wish to go a wee bit over the top, add a modern chandelier or cove lights.

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