Kitchen Islands Guides in Nairobi.

Kitchen Islands Guides in Nairobi. A kitchen island is an elegant yet functional element in a kitchen. It serves three main purposes: food preparation, dining and storage. If you stay up to date on latest trends, you will know that kitchen islands have become the most desired feature in modular kitchen interior design. While they are attractive and incredibly practical, they do sound a bit expensive. However, if you choose smartly, you can get a kitchen island on budget. There are a few guidelines every homeowner needs to look into before choosing this functional centrepiece for your kitchen called an island!

What Is The Main Function Of A Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is typically used as an extra workstation and adds to the functionality of the golden triangle in modern kitchens. It can also act  as a casual breakfast counter while in certain cases it works as a storage and hob unit  too. Before you begin designing your modular kitchen on a budget, dig deep into the functions you want your kitchen island to focus on to increase the functionality of your cooking space.

Budget friendly kitchen island with all functionality food preparation, dining, storage & hob unit is an elegant island kitchen.

How Much Space Do You Need To Add An Affordable Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands do not have standard dimensions. It is not a one-size, fits in all feature. However, as a rule of thumb a kitchen island must not use more than 10 percent of the overall space in your kitchen layout. This translates to a maximum breadth x length of 3.5 feet x 4 feet. An island larger than this will dominate your kitchen and make it challenging to move around freely. Moreover, it won’t be cost-effective. Hence, go with a standard size to install your kitchen island on a budget.

Kitchen island dimension is maximum breadth x length of 3.5 feet x 4 feet & do not have standard sizes.

What Kind Of Kitchen Layouts Can Fit A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are best suited for L-shaped or straight kitchens with open walls. In a straight kitchen with open walls, the extra space is best utilised by an island kitchen that works as a breakfast counter or dining area. It provides ample space to move around freely. Similarly, if your kitchen is L-shaped and big enough to house an island, you will have lots more storage to keep things organised. 

Now if you are wondering whether the current layout and style of your kitchen can accommodate an island here’s what you need to know:

  • If your island needs a working space, you must ensure it matches with the functionality of the other counters
  • If you’re installing a sink or a microwave make sure it forms the work triangle
  • Ensure you consider extra space around the island – make sure there’s enough room to build units, for appliances to open fully and for you to move freely
  • A kitchen island design must blend with the overall tone and aesthetics of your kitchen’s interiors
  • Stick to the same style. For example, if your kitchen has rustic style interiors your island needs to be in the same style to ensure coherence 
  • You can choose contrasting colour schemes with the same style too
Best suited for L-shaped or straight kitchens with open walls are island kitchen design layout & works as a breakfast counter.

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Customising A Kitchen Island On A Budget

There are several ways you can customise the design of your kitchen island so it caters to your individual taste. Here are a few popular ideas:

Budget Kitchen Island With A Breakfast Counter Or A Bar

A breakfast counter in the morning and a bar unit in the evening! An island counter with a breakfast counter is a common design and can house between two-four people depending on its dimensions. You can customise it with open or shuttered shelves to store your cutlery, cereal boxes and condiments. A kitchen island custom designed with wine bottle racks and wine glass holders can double up as a bar unit in the evenings. Now you have a comfortable spot to share a drink with your friends or spouse after a long day at work. Besides, this kitchen island on a budget will also cut down the extra cost of independent bar units and wine racks.

Affordable kitchen island ideas design with breakfast counter or bar unit comfortable spot to share a drink or have bf.

A Kitchen Island With A Hob Unit And A Sink

An island counter can be designed with a hob or stove with a chimney on top. It can be customised to serve as a cooking station designed with tandem drawers with in-built cutlery trays, oil pull-outs and a cylinder unit. You can also have a sink unit with lots of under sink storage options like wastebaskets and shelves.

Design sink unit with storage options like wastebaskets and shelves are kitchen island guide on a budget.

An Affordable Kitchen Island With A Chopping Board Pull-Out

An island counter with a chopping board pull-out is a smart way to keep your worktop clean at all times. They are also easy to pull out and pull back once not in use. You can use scratch-resistant materials like marble, ceramic, or Corian to ensure durability.

A Grill Cum Kitchen Island On A Budget

A fun and unique option for all barbeque lovers out there! You can install a grill into your kitchen island’s countertop with a chimney on top. It can be lined with heat-resistant materials such as granite, marble, quartz or laminate so you can grill all year round rain or shine!

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An Island Counter For A Small Kitchen

If you are tight on space and budget but; still fancy the idea of an island counter in your kitchen– here is an inexpensive kitchen island design you will love! Add a freestanding table with base storage underneath, as shown in this image. And since this isn’t fixed to your floor, you can move it as and when you please. There you go! It solves your space issue as well as fulfils your budget!

Types Of Lighting That Work Well With Kitchen Islands On Budget

Lighting plays an important role to highlight design details of a kitchen island. Here are some types of lighting you can choose from:

Pendant Lights

If you are planning to add a breakfast counter or a bar to your budget kitchen island design, pendant lights are a great choice as the focus of the light falls squarely onto your plate. Besides, they add much needed character to spaces as well and act as a perfect embellishment to your kitchen island.


Since you are going for an affordable lighting for your kitchen island on budget, you can try these lights! Remember, your island will be the focal point of your kitchen’s interior design. Thus spotlights are an amazing pick! This type of lighting makes sure every inch of your island is illuminated making working here an absolute delight.Kitchen Islands Guides in Nairobi.

Track Lights

How about lights that move? Unlike spotlights track lights can be moved and adjusted to suit your preference and requirements. And the best part? They are quite affordable, hence ideal for your inexpensive kitchen island design. Track lights are not fixed onto the walls but are mounted on a railing and therefore can be installed at angles that you prefer.  They work the best in minimal, industrial and modern kitchen styles.Kitchen Islands Guides in Nairobi.

Track lights is an affordable kitchen island right choice you can install at angles that you prefer looks minimal.


Not only are they decorative but also they provide ample illumination to your kitchen. Moreover, it exhibits a touch of luxury in the most affordable way! A modern chandelier like this one is a great way to highlight your kitchen island on budget design.

Kitchen island ideas on a budget a modern chandelier is a great way to highlight your kitchen island.

Cove Light

Cove lights are a perfect choice for your kitchen if you fancy soft lighting. They are also a great option for those homeowners who wish to add a luxurious look to their cooking space as well.

Cove lights are a perfect choice & add a luxurious look for your kitchen are cheap kitchen island guide.

And that’s everything you need to know about kitchen islands. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision for your kitchen interior design. 

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