Parallel Kitchen Designs Nairobi

Parallel kitchen designs for your home

Parallel Kitchen Designs Nairobi .Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so you’d best be shaping it up to be like one – concrete and beautiful. Given that apartments today, owing to a lack of space, leave you just about enough space for a petite pantry area, a spectacular way to bring home the bacon (and literally too) is by incorporating a parallel kitchen design in your abode.

Parallel kitchens, also known as galley kitchens are modern kitchen design concepts where two kitchen platforms, along with crafty cabinets run parallel to one another. They’re gaining popularity, especially with small apartment dwellers hand over fist.

Here are few marvellous parallel kitchen design ideas you could use to give your kitchen that extra ginger it needs: (okay, no more food puns, we swear!)Parallel Kitchen Designs Nairobi

Top 5 advantages of owning a parallel kitchen

The All-White Parallel Kitchen

For anyone who assumes that white kitchen furniture is likely to stain, we’ve got one word for you – quartz. An all-white parallel kitchen design like this one is a winner for many reasons. Not only does white make your preparation area elegant and posh, but also makes it appear airy, which is extremely important in a tiny kitchenette.Parallel Kitchen Designs Nairobi

Modern interior design of a small kitchen with off-white cabinetry

Colour Me Bold Parallel Kitchen Design

A bright-coloured kitchenette makes one hell of a statement that is sure to turn heads. Red for one, is said to rev up people’s appetite and make them hungry. Besides looking absolutely stunning, a bold red modern parallel kitchen design is also likely to enliven the rest of your abode.

Bold Red kitchenette in a modern parallel kitchen design

All Black Everything

A parallel kitchen design demands sleekness in every corner. You can’t have a narrow area of floor space to walk into and have cabinets protruding from both sides like snags. A sleek black kitchenette organised into a flat plane on both parallels does more than just free up space. Paired with the right backsplash lighting, this design defines simplicity with class.

A black coloured modern parallel kitchen designs is one of the best parallel kitchen designs with a glossy finish and elegant look
Modern black and white kitchen interiors with a red statement lamp

It’s Not Good Enough If It’s Not Wood Enough

With enough space on your plate, consider a modern wooden parallel design paired with a sleek marble island in the centre to complement the subtlety of warm browns. Apart from being durable and very easily customisable, wood has a classic appearance that is truly timeless.

A parallel modular kitchen design with a wooden finish with wall mounted cabinets and marble countertop is one of the best parallel platform kitchen designs
Wooden parallel kitchen unit with colonial-style interiors

Space Saver Sanction

If you’re a family of 4+, a minimalistic parallel kitchen design simply won’t suffice. More folks require more forks. But it’s rather difficult to squeeze in all those storage items, especially if a lack of space is your prime concern. A space-saving parallel kitchen design that uses every inch of the kitchen floor is just what you need. Accurately fitted and neatly arranged, these wonderful whites are true space-saving heroes.

A white space saving parallel modular kitchen designs with large wall mounted cabinets is one of the best kitchens in the catalogue
Simple white parallel modular kitchen design with space-saving cabinetry concept

Natural In Stones

A more artistic route to take would be to incorporate natural stones like marble or granite for countertops in your parallel kitchen design. All that looks vintage looks rich and marble does marvels giving your kitchen an added aesthetic appeal.

A natural feel of stones with bright white colours is an indian parallel kitchen interior design for small space
White bar-style parallel kitchen design with granite countertop and illuminating pendant lights

Dark Wood Dining

Sleek storages and a glimpse of grandeur can be found in the smallest of spaces. If you’re looking for a modular kitchen design idea that ace both aspects of utility and pizazz, a dark wood finish for cabinets on both parallels is just what you need. If you’re not very cut to the bone in terms of space, you must consider one that opens up to be a dining room too.Parallel Kitchen Designs Nairobi

Modern parallel kitchen style designs with a look of old days of parallel modular kitchen designs in india
Modern parallel kitchen with dark wood panelling lends a glimpse of grandeur

The Wine And Dine Parallel Kitchen Design

There’s a lot you can do with limited space, but a lot more with space restrictions out of the window. A gourmet parallel kitchen design that boasts a bar style kitchen island with a built-in rack and gorgeous granite countertops would literally never want you leaving the place. Step up and smell the rosé.

An Indian parallel kitchen interior design with an island in the middle and striking orange wooden finish with white marble countertop
Luxury parallel kitchen with a bar-style kitchen island and maple cabinets

Luxury Cherrywood Parallel Kitchen Design

A luxurious home demands grandeur in every room, your kitchen included. Parallel kitchen designs with chic cherry wood cabinetry and marble countertops do much to glorify your galley area. And for the cherry on the top, install the perfect pair of hanging pendant lights to complement the royal brown of cherrywood.

A wooden cherrywood finish modular kitchen with marble countertops and cabinet on each and every side of parallel platform kitchen designs
Parallel kitchen in luxury home with cherry wood cabinetry

Man(Or) Of Steel

Everything about an ultra-modern grey parallel kitchen has sophistication written all over it. Bigger homes with contemporary furniture demand that the kitchen adds to some of the Hollywood factor too. Enter: An all grey stainless-steel splendour. With more space in your custody, get creative by adding a stainless-steel kitchen island to this beauty.

Indian parallel kitchen interior design with everything made up of stainless steel including cabinets, countertops and shelves
A parallel kitchen with stainless steel kitchen island is an ultra-modern design idea

Cosy Kitchen Corner – The Young Hustler’s Choice

For young adults who don’t intend on being food connoisseurs any time soon but require a kitchenette with basic functionality nonetheless, a petit parallel kitchen designed in one corner of your home is a perfect choice. Furthermore, all-white cabinets and large windows are sure to turn this corner from crammed to cosy with minimum effort.

White coloured open cabinets and the countertop attached beside the window made in a very small space of a small parallel kitchen design in india
Cosy white Parallel kitchen with red components is just perfect to work in

Underrated Warm Undertones

If you’re the kind of person who wishes to have rooms stripped to bare essentials, this one has got to be your pick. The use of warm undertones and a large window between both parallels of your kitchen makes this simplistic design radiate elegance. Further, the use of glass for cabinets and an integrated sink complements the aesthetics of this space-saver.

A cosy and lovely pink coloured cabinet attached beside the window on wall cabinets of a small parallel kitchen design
Small snug light pink parallel kitchen design for radiant elegance

Classy Colossal Parallel Kitchen Design

A charming parallel kitchen design and one that’s most suitable for all party hosts is an all-white wonder with traces of wood and a lovely centre island. It is spacious and elegant and is most ideal if you often have guests over at your house. Moreover, corner cabinets in the design ensure minimum wastage of space, making it a perfect combination of class and utility.

A white coloured spacious kitchen with wooden flooring with a island inside of a classic white parallel kitchen design
Spacious parallel kitchen design with dark wood centre island

Parallel Kitchens With Handleless Cabinets

Nothing says space-saving like a parallel kitchen design with hand-less cabinets. Best suited for petite pads, this seamless charmer fits right in with a modern home. With an integrated sink and some glass fittings, this all white-beauty makes even a tiny kitchen look elite and airy.

Gourmet interior of a minimalistic kitchen in a parallel shape for parallel kitchen
Gourmet parallel kitchen interior with white handleless cabin storage

Monochrome Magic

The white and black classic makes for a tasteful combination when it comes to kitchen interiors. No space for a dining room? No problem. This modern monochrome affair could be spruced up a notch by integrating a marble countertop kitchen island cum dining table right at the centre of your kitchen. 

Parallel kitchen design with everything white including the cabinets and shelves of a kitchen island
A monochrome affair with white cabinetry and an extended kitchen island

Que Living

People often turn to the American way of doing things and seemingly more with home interiors these days. This blend of simplicity and finesse is depicted in white cabinets and hardwood floors of the classic American parallel kitchen design.

Parallel kitchen design with two white coloured countertops parallel to each other in american style with cherry colour wooden flooring matching with white colour of kitchen cabinets
Classic American parallel kitchen with white cabinetry blends simplicity and finesse

The Minimalist Parallel Kitchen Design

Centred around using simple colours and cabinets, and keeping the storage to just bare essentials, this parallel kitchen design is for the ones who like to keep it light and breezy with no embellishing. After all, in simplicity lies utmost elegance.

A minimalistic kitchen style of parallel modular kitchen designs in a U shape separated by sink
Simple white classic interiors for a small parallel kitchen

Modern Peninsula Parallel Kitchen Design

For a more spacious feel, opt for a peninsula-style parallel kitchen design that looks stylish while also occupying less space. Although an open kitchen could be quite tedious to maintain, this sleek enchanter makes the maintenance worthwhile. 

A white coloured parallel kitchen with two kitchens with sink countertop and gas countertop parallel to each other with a large clock hanging on the wall and a glass door of the balcony
Peninsula style parallel kitchen with wooden flooring is apt for modern apartments

The Window Of Space-Saving Opportunities

There are plenty of options to save space with a parallel kitchen design in a modern studio apartment. The key is to select one that fits in perfectly well with the rest of your home. A wooden countertop cum dining table incorporated in your kitchenette is a great way to save space in a smaller home. Who said dinner with a view is only for the wealthy? 

A grey fell parallel modular kitchen with a big window on a large countertop made up of wood
Space-saving parallel kitchen design in a modern studio apartment

The Smart Parallel Kitchen

For a compact home, cut out any complexities in your kitchen design by adopting a combination of calming undertones and highlighting these with green elements to further accentuate its beauty. Sometimes, basic is bonny.  

A smart parallel kitchen design with green plants inside the kitchen with very large cabinets attached till the end of the wall
Stylish beige furniture in a petite parallel kitchen with green embellishments – as cute as it can be

And it’s a wrap! 20 designs of parallel kitchens you can choose from to get out the best of your culinary talents. They are sleek, classy, elegant and charming – everything you will want in your kitchen decor.

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