U Shaped Kitchen Design In Nairobi

U-shaped kitchen design ideas for indian homes

U-shaped Kitchen Design In Nairobi layouts are highly sought after in Kenyan homes because they offer ample space for cabinetry.

The most practical of all kitchen layouts is probably the U-shaped kitchen. A perfect option for busy households as it is made up along three walls that are fitted with a benchtop, cabinetry and appliances which are all joined to resemble the U-shape. A U-shaped kitchen layout works in large spaces but even small kitchens can benefit from a U-shaped design. The concept of the ‘golden triangle’ is a natural fit because the fridge, the sink and the stove are at arm’s length. This makes it more practical, time-efficient and a safe use of this cooking space, something that could be harder to achieve in an L-shaped kitchen layout. U Shaped Kitchen Design In Nairobi

And since Indians love to cook, functionality is of utmost importance in any household in the country. A U-shaped kitchen will ensure that the master chef has all necessary ingredients and appliances within their reach at all times without having to move around much. This layout provides extra counter space to work on and the three-walled design lends ample storage for cabinets. Find out more on how a U-shaped kitchen is ideal for homes. 

What Is A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout?

A U shaped kitchen, sometimes also referred to as C-shaped kitchen, comprises three adjoining walls of cabinetry, with the fourth end open for access. The design features three walls that are lined with cabinets and appliances. This is an efficient layout that frees up floor space and U-shaped kitchens make it easier to access various areas of the kitchen without needing to walk across the room. 

Here Are The Pros And Cons Of A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout


  • The layout provides an extended countertop space on all three sides and ample storage
  • Configuring the working triangle is easy because of an efficient floor plan
  • Ideal for an open-plan spaces so you can add an island easily
  • One of the best kitchen layouts as there is a workstation on all three sides


  • Lots of corners, so you have to be particularly efficient with your base corner cupboard designs
  • It can make for a cramped layout in a small home/ spaces where the passage is narrow
U shaped kitchen or c shaped kitchen with walls of cabinetry

Keep It Simple 

If you have a small area to work with then it’s best to design a minimalist style kitchen. Do not overload the modular kitchen with too many appliances and accessories. This impressive all-white and yellow U shaped kitchen is minimalistic in design with sleek push to open cabinets in high gloss laminate both above and below. White and yellow make a pleasing colour combination. 

U shaped kitchen designs with open cabinets in high gloss laminate with white and yellow colour combination
This compact U-shaped kitchen gradually opens up as you move around

Brighten Up The Kitchen

It should come as no surprise that a U-shaped kitchen, like this one, is versatile as there are many ways you can style it. It is a very flexible layout. Add more spunk to your U-shaped kitchen by painting it in an eye-catching colour. Look at the bright colour scheme of the kitchen in this image. Isn’t it lovely? Parrot green mixed with white speckled marble countertops, a brick wall backsplash and cute white knobs on cabinets makes this whole kitchen green with envy. 

Bright u shaped modular kitchen design with a very flexible layout
Colour coordinate the cabinets and countertops to give this kitchen more oomph and zing.

Make Room For An Island

Ok, so this might be a little challenging for a U-shaped kitchen but if you have generous space to spare then add an island. It will instantly bring in extra counter space so you can do more while attending to your children’s homework. Also, you can introduce extra storage space for cupboards and drawers on either side of it.

U shaped kitchen layout with a room for island with extra storage space for cupboards and drawers
This U-shaped kitchen boasts of a spacious area with an island that provides extra storage and seating.

Plan Around A Window

Use a window as the central anchor point for your U-shaped kitchen. The luxurious matte finishes of the cabinets and shelves are bound to shine in bright natural light. The use of wooden finishes on the floor and a white brick tiled backsplash brings warmth and closeness to this entire setting. 

U shaped kitchen ideas with luxurious matte finishes of the cabinets and shelves and wooden floor finish
The window in this U-shaped kitchen brings plenty of fresh air to this kitchen space

Slot In A Peninsula 

Small U-shaped kitchens can be restrictive if there isn’t a place to accommodate tables or chairs. A peninsula is a great idea especially for open-plan spaces and can offer a physical separation between the living room and kitchen, something most homeowners desire. Add stools to make the area more user friendly and use the countertop to work or dine. 

U shaped kitchen ideas which is a great idea especially for open-plan spaces
Besides giving you more surface area and storage capacity it is used as a breakfast table

One of the critical things to remember about U-shaped kitchens is there is a lot of flexibility when designing them. There are many possibilities with what you can achieve with this layout. Talk to your designer and find a U-shaped kitchen that’s right for your lifestyle and needs. 

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