Lorenzetti Bella Ducha 4T Ultra

KSh 3,600

With modern design, Bella Ducha 4T Ultra decorates your bathroom perfectly.

Designed to provide comfort and savings at bath time, Bella Ducha 4T Ultra has a large spreader and 4 temperature options which are ideal for all seasons.

The shower is compatible with solar water heaters, thus extending its use.

Instant Water Heaters in Kenya are a great way to quickly get hot water without having to wait for a traditional water heater to warm up. This type of water heater is also more energy efficient and can help reduce your electricity bills. Instant Water Heaters work by heating the water as it passes through the heating element, so it is ready to use instantly.


4 temperatures
Heating and economy in the right measure.

Quick-Change Heating Element
Type Refill.

Large spreader
More comfort during your shower.

Color choices:
– Blue
– White


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